Our show room
We have been specialists of provençal seats and furniture since 1840. We manufacture numerous models of provençal chairs in different styles painted or waxed.
A straw seat couch can enhance any entrance hall. You can add a living room seat such as a “ bergère “ or an armchair called “bonne femme”.
Painted seats and furniture are fully part of the provençal lifestyle. They testify to the Italian influence of the 18th century.
The painted chairs are not only used in the dining or living rooms. A painted chair adds a touch of modernity to any kitchen.
The straw seat couches also called “radassier” or “radasse” combine good taste, elegance, and comfort.There are some painted models particulary in such castles as the one in BARBENTANE, near AVIGNON. Painted seats can also be combined with waxed seats. Mixing different styles and finishes of living room or kitchen chairs break-up a monotonous decoration.
So the painted or waxed provencal chair as well as couches and armchairs can all be found in our shop.
Our business has existed since 1840 and has been manufacturing custom-made furniture for decades. Credences, chest os drawers, bookcases, bedside tables, tables, beds, corner furniture,sideboards, buffets are all made with a great respect for tradition.

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